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As a “Social calligrapher”, Pan Jianfeng has been working as a visual artist for the past 17 years in Shanghai, China. He moved to the old town of Porvoo, Finland in 2016. The self-elected exile to Finland can be seen as his reflection on city life, intertwined with struggling for survival and meaning as an artist.

Working as a PHD researcher at The Modern Calligraphy Research Center, China Academy of Art, he has titled his art practice as “Radicalink”; a new way of looking at calligraphy (a basic human writing knowledge and life philosophy created by intellectuals in Chinese history) by integrating our social contents. He creates new characters and images through ink writing and it is radical to see calligraphy and Eastern writing, as one of the most traditional artistic approaches, used as a tool - a third language, to criticize modern city life. His art practice, from the studio to the public space, enacts the political while challenging the split between west and east in the contemporary context.


Past exhibitions



“Writing Non-Writing Hangzhou International Modern Calligraphy Festival”
China Academy of Art Gallery, Hangzhou China
“Consciousness of Borders”, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou China

"With Hope", Gallery Makers, Vaasa, Finland

"Characters by Heart", Gallery Stomfors, Finland 


"Six minds on paper" Galleria Rankka, Helsinki, Finland

"BYROKRATIA" Galleria Rankka, Helsinki, Finland



"Growth" Art Labor Shanghai, China

“VIIVA” Lokal Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

“Aomori Triennial-Unlimited” Aomori contemporary art center, Japan

“Mind forest” Baltic theater house, St. Petersburg, Russia



“Typocraft Helsinki 2017”, Lokal Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

“United Story”, Habitare, Helsinki, Finland

“I was drunk last night-Pan’s solo show” July Gallery, Shanghai, China



“New China, New Art ” Lakeside Gallery, Nottingham, UK

“Shanghai Ever” MoCA Shanghai, China

 “5th The International Calligraphy Exhibition” China Academy of Art Gallery



“CHINA TIME-Public Sign and Visual Communication ” Designxport,  Hamburg, Germany

“Kiasma Wall Project”, Helsinki, Finland



International Modern Calligraphy Exhibition in Hangzhou, China Academy of Art



“Nostalgia - East Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Korea Cultural Center,  Seoul, and MoCA Shanghai, China

“Follow+”, MoCA Shanghai, China



“Republic-NOTCH”, ddm  Shanghai

“7th Asia-Europe Art Camp -Moved, Mutated and Disturbed Identities”, ddm Shanghai

International Modern Calligraphy show,  China academy of art, Hangzhou



“7th Asia-Europe Art Camp -Moved, Mutated and Disturbed Identities”, Casino Contemporary Art Museum, Luxemburg

“The Spring of Winter Vallery-Pan Jianfeng’s solo exhibition”, Bund18 Shanghai, China



“Intrude 366-art&life”, Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China